• Caroline Meyer

    Caroline Meyer is Professor of Digital Healthcare at the Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) at WMG. The IDH aims to improve people's health and wellbeing through the development, evaluation and use of innovative digital technologies and services.

  • Carsten Maple

    Professor Carsten Maple is Professor of Cyber Systems Engineering. He is the Director of Research in Cyber Security working with organisations in key sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and the broader public sector to address the challenges presented by today's global cyber environment.

  • Dariusz Ceglarek

  • David Bott

    David Bott is Principal Fellow at WMG. After 26 years with BP, Courtaulds and ICI, spent in both their corporate centres and business units, David began a love affair with start-ups 10 years ago. He was diverted into spending 7 years setting up and directing the Technology Strategy Board (now rebranded as Innovate UK), the UK's innovation agency.

  • David Greenwood

    David Greenwood is Professor of Advanced Propulsion Systems at WMG. He leads the University's activities for the Advanced Propulsion Centre's Electrical Energy Storage Spoke. He also provides academic leadership for the development of R&D activities for the National Automotive Innovation Centre.

  • Dawei Lu

    Dawei Lu is a Principal Teaching Fellow at WMG. His portfolio covers a range of dynamic subject areas including logistics, inventory management, lean manufacturing, supplier relationship management, purchasing management, supply chain strategies.

  • Donato Masi

    Dr Donato Masi is Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at WMG, University of Warwick. He is a specialist in Sustainable Supply Chain Management and has published several scientific papers in top international journals. He actively collaborates with industry through private and public funded research projects and through the "Supply Chains in Practice" collaborator forum.

  • Fran Allen

    Fran Allen is a WMG PhD ‘Design Knowledge in Mental Health,” candidate, in the Experiential Engineering research group.

  • Ganna Pogrebna

    Ganna Pogrebna is an Associate Professor with the Service Systems research group at WMG. Ganna studies how decision-makers reveal their preferences, learn, co-ordinate and make trade-offs in static and dynamic risk and uncertain environments with policy applications to innovation, leadership, finance and healthcare.

  • Greg Gibbons

  • Irene Ng

    Irene CL Ng is head of the Service Systems Research Group at WMG. Her research lies in the trans-disciplinary understanding of value; creating, designing, pricing, contracting and innovating based on value, embedded within new economic and business models of complex service systems.

  • Jan Godsell

    Jan Godsell is Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy at WMG. Jan's research focus is on the way that product, marketing and supply chain strategy align to create a responsive or demand-driven approach to supply chain management.

  • Jonnie Turpie

    Jonnie Turpie is a Principal Fellow at WMG with a focus on digital innovation and the Creative Industries. Over the past 20 years. Jonnie has been a Director of Maverick Television, which he founded and has grown into one of the UK's leading regional and national independent production companies.

  • Kerry Kirwan

  • Kimberley Scharf

    Kim Scharf is Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick; she works closely on projects with WMG's Service Systems Research Group. Kim is a theoretical and applied public finance economist who has a longstanding interest in issues that concern public policy, the economics of information, social networks, public goods, charity and property rights.

  • Mark Elliott

    Mark Elliott is Assistant Professor of Healthcare Technology and Behaviour Change at the Institute of Digital Healthcare at WMG. Mark's main research interests are centred on human movement coordination. He combines his skills in engineering and behavioural neuroscience to produce novel methods and models, describing how people use information across the senses to co-ordinate their movements.

  • Mark Williams

    Professor Mark Williams is leader of the Product Evaluation Technologies (PET) and Metrology Research group at WMG, University of Warwick.

  • Monica Whitty

    Professor Monica Whitty is a cyberpsychologist, whose research, over the last 15 years has focused on the ways individuals behave in cyberspace. Her work, in particular, examines: identities created in cyberspace, online security risks as well as detecting and preventing cybercrimes (e.g. mass-marketing fraud, insider threats).

  • Paul Jennings

    Professor Paul Jennings has been involved in research with the automotive industry for over 25 years, and now leads research and development on Intelligent Vehicles, Energy and Electrical Systems, and Experiential Engineering.

  • Peter Ward

    Peter is studying for a PhD within WMG's Service Systems Group. The research question for Peter's PhD is "Why are some supply chains better than others at delivering value propositions that address contextual variety in the last yard? The case of patient adherence in sub-Saharan Africa".

  • Rebecca Cain

    Rebecca Cain leads the Experiential Engineering Group at WMG. Her research aims to improve people's experiences of spaces, places, products and services through better design to change behaviour. Her core research interests are the involvement of users in the design process, and the methods to do this; understanding the relationship between design and emotional response in users; and understanding how design can lead to behaviour change.

  • Robert Harrison

  • Sridhar Seetharaman

    At WMG, Professor Seetharaman leads work on physico-chemical aspects of iron and steel manufacturing and usage with an emphasis on energy efficiency, low carbon and reduction of emissions. This includes research into the sustainable manufacturing of steels in current plants as well as the development of next generation plants. This research is a collaborative effort between WMG and TATA Steel's Global R&D that will establish a world class research centre for studying process metallurgy of iron and steel manufacturing.

  • Stewart Birrell

  • Theo Arvanitis

    Theo Arvanitis is Professor of e-Health Innovation and Head of Research at the Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) at WMG. The IDH aims to improve people's health and wellbeing through the development, evaluation and use of innovative digital technologies and services.

  • WMG Editor

  • Xiao Ma

    Xiao Ma is a Senior Research Fellow within the Service Systems Research Group, he also leads the Internet-of-Things Special Interest Group at WMG.

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